March 23, 2016

Game Theory: Defending a 5 on 3

Defending a five on three is inherently difficult. Not only does the opposition have two more players they also have their most talented offensive players on the ice. In this situation the defending team must acknowledge that the offense will create some offensive opportunities. Instead of aiming to prevent all offensive chances, the goal for the defense is to force the offense to score with their second option.

December 30, 2015

Don't Expect Jimmy Howard To Leave Town

After being pulled for the second time in as many games, much of Red Wing nation has seen enough of Jimmy Howard. Although Howard has been solid this season, Petr Mrazek has been better and it is time to hand the reigns over to Petr full-time. When Mrazek becomes the starter, it makes no sense for the Red Wings to pay 5 million dollars for a backup goaltender. Despite the trade discussions on twitter, I don’t think we should expect to see Jimmy leave anytime soon.

December 1, 2015

Quarter Mark Check Point

Last year I ended each month with a checkpoint of sorts, just a way to keep track of how the Red Wing’s were doing and what to expect going forward. As the calendar turned from October to November, I sat down to write the monthly recap. After taking the eventual Eastern Conference Champions to game 7 and upgrading at two major positions the team struggled out of the gate. Injuries combined with the adjustments to a new coaching staff left me little ability to accurately analyze the team’s play. With little to say, aside from an excessive number of worried tweets, I waited for the team’s true ability to emerge. Finally in the last month the team has started to turn things around, allowing me to mostly ignore the first month of the season and focus on the team’s bring future.

November 10, 2015

Jimmy Howard Does NOT Have A Rebound Problem

Recently, there has been a growing sentiment that Jimmy Howard struggles to control rebound. Despite being the Red Wings’ starting goaltender for six seasons, I had only recently noticed this complaint. Although past analysis found no such evidence for this claim, the critique gained momentum as Howard battled Mrazek for the starting role. Today the hockey community uncovered new evidence that may get us closer to evaluating the truth in this critique.

October 22, 2015

Organization's Offseason Made Playoffs A Must

For the last ten seasons, the Detroit Red Wings were led by the greatest coach in the NHL, Mike Babcock. Because of his abilities, when Babcock decided to move on this summer it was inevitable that the Red Wings would take at least a small step-back, Although a devastating blow, it was the decisions of Ken Holland and the Red Wings management that could turn this inevitable slow start into a lost season.